A brief description of the production process polystyrene blocks:

Materials, polystyrene beads, which are about half a millimeter in packs of 25 kg, 800 kg and 1100 kg of the material in the interior by Banyar and several other companies that are launching and outside Korea, China, Taiwan, Turkey, for Samsung, LG, FSA, Kmhv, Yvrasl produce.

Seeds of EPS in the first phase of the tank mixers with the name Mvadpz first batch by steam and growth, and the dryer is passed on silage stored at least six hours in silos left and enter the next phase of the Mvadpz Cooking II with a little difference with the first batch this step if necessary to block light for a second time baking and drying again passed through the Bunkers second series is at least three hours in silos second series remains the devices blocker fed with Stand-blocker steam inside the cube becomes a half to two meters in a one on one and twenty-six meters, depending on the size record Of the then market demand in different dimensions with CNN thirty trimmed output from this process contains blocks of polystyrene ceiling and walls and parts of the building that the new product process (It should be noted in the production process described later storage, can be installed polystyrene packaging production line, such as fruits and Fisheries polystyrene boxes and packaging for household appliances, etc.)  


For the production of polystyrene blocks need to machines as follows:

   boiler to produce steam that is used in all stages of the production process. * 

The water softener to prevent attract deposits in boiler*

 Collectors for dividing the output of the machine with a steam inputs and four outputs*

dryer, cooking ingredients cooked with first and second cooking is poured directly into the dryer and dryer to the silo control guidance and materials to maintain form*

blockers, after storage Series 2 is installed cooked ingredients into the blocker is fed then by charging steam into the blocker cooked ingredients for cube blocks the production of the dimensions of 0.5 x 1 x 2 m or 1 x 1.2 x 6 m. large and small, which depends on the device.



 Cut CNN thirty blocks produced by cutting the wire elements to the dimensions of the customer's order    Critical points in the production process blocks of polystyrene ceiling and wall to improve the quality must be met:

 The production hall should be at least twenty-five degrees above zero, especially in the temperature of the reduction is heated with fan coils Hall*

The steam output of the boiler dry*

 The standard silos that provide moisture to be cooked*

The material inside the silo at least six hours after the first batch of moisture remains in some areas up to 12 hours is also necessary*

 Food cooked more than seventy-two hours be reduced product quality*

In areas where water is to be careful in the selection of raw materials*

. Products from pond to pond drying steam, such as traps, therapy, appropriate collector, etc.*

 reaching prevent dust silos.*

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