Styrofoam (polystyrene) What ?

Styrofoam (polystyrene) What ?

What is EPS ?


Polystyrene insulation, Styrofoam known brand in the market. This product is by expanding the polystyrene beads (EPS) is achieved in stages, resulting in 100% sound insulation, heating and cooling, highly efficient and cost-effective for use in Bnahast.

Including the consumption of this product in the construction industry, industrial refrigeration, packaging and home furnishings such as furniture, mattresses and rear. The EPS blocks the building blocks of clay and concrete roof and walls have been replaced.

EPS the following features can be noted

Being non-flammable;

Lightweight structures up to 200 kg per square meter, because every square meter of Styrofoam blocks about 3 kg, while per square meter cement block 180 kilograms and 120 kilograms per square meter of ceramic blocks;

Ease of cutting;

Quickly and easily installed on operations;

Flooring thickness reduction of up cm5 classes because utilities pass through Styrofoam blocks;

Increase the strength of the structure and style of the dead loads;

Ease of plaster and dirt and save up to 15% in structures (with grooves in the section below (AI) blocks for better adhesion of plaster);

High durability and safety in the earthquake because of the density and elasticity of aggregation and block against vibrations

Economical, due to lower consumption of steel and iron to about 20% and save Concrete Piles distance of 60 cm on the roof pillar 100% sound insulation, heat and impermeable against moisture and frost;

Reduce the cost of formatting the ceiling;

Safely and without incident for workers when moving to classes;

Not having accumulated waste and construction debris;

Consumer concrete on the roof Save up to 15%;

Impervious to insects and vermin nests due to the filling of the EPS.

This specification makes use of large blocks of EPS have increased.

EPS supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Building and Housing Research Center and the fuel consumption is optimized.

Ceiling EPS blocks are also approved by the fire department

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