Basic information EPS (EPS) polystyrene

(Basic information to set up a production line, polystyrene (eps

  Adequate space for the production of polystyrene at least 500 square meters with a height of at least 5're getting bigger space Tvlydbhtr quality and number of production increases*

 Power Fazhdaql 100 mA*

 150 cubic meters per hour of gas or diesel, 100 liters per hour 4. 5000 liters of water a day at least*

The cost of installation accessories such as pipes, valves, pressure breaker Vgazvyyl water tank, etc. (depends on the position of the workshop is)*

Installation costs*

material market in Korea, LG and Samsung Chinese FSA Banyar Iranian and Turkish FM UPS Yvrasl Vtayvan Taita*

 The free market is*

for EPS EPS materials available on the market from 5000 to 6500 sold per kg*

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